Google Not to Sell Motorola to Huawei

| April 14, 2012 | 0 Comments

It’s been a year we are talking about Google’s acquisition of Motorola. The deal was priced at $1.2 billion but it’s not the amount of money that made such a stir. What caused it was the fact the software giant will be combined with a hardware maker, thus in all probabilty Googlorola will leave other manufacturers with nothing. Probably, considering this danger many bloggers started claiming Google is interested only in IP and patents of Motorola, therefore the hardware division will be sold to Chinese Huawei, which is trying to enter the global smartphone and tablet market. The argumentation seemed too acceptable but now DigiTimes comes in with other information claiming the deal is unlikely.

According to the source, Google CEO Larry Page has no plans to sell the hardware division to anyone. And the main reason of it could be Google’s long-range goals on selling its own smartphones, tablets and Project Glasses. Google already has its own Nexus line smartphones, which are very popular in the world, and if it buys a hardware making company, it will make no reason to outsource the production. Plus the Google tablets are rumored too much, and probably no one doubts they will be launched soon. This is the next big explanation on why Google won’t sell anything from Motorola.

However, Motorola has made a statement convincing the company will remain the same after the acquisition, and though we all understand it was made to calm people down, we want to trust Sanjay Jha. No idea how things will end, and our question still remains unanswered, “Will the Motorola/ Google Merger Ever Clear?”

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