Motorola Droid 4 Reaches EOL Status At Verizon

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If you take a look at the smartphone market today you will find devices not staying on the shelves forever. There are new devices that come and carriers keep shelf spaces for them always. Now you may be wondering what a carrier does? A carrier will allot EOL status to the new device. This means that the handset will no longer be available on shelves of the carrier. One such handset that is heading in that direction is the Motorola Droid 4. This device is going to be put on the EOL status soon.


The same fate was faced by the Samsung Galaxy Nexus that reached the end of its life span with the carrier just a few days ago. Besides the above two devices Verizon has also placed the EOL status on many other devices as well. If you are a part of the population that loves doing messaging chores with the deployment of a complete QWERTY keyword you will never get tired of typing on the touchscreen with the device.

As of now Verizon had decided to place the Motorola Droid 4 on EOL status. It is a matter of time before this QWERTY handset finally gets off the shelves of the carrier for good. This is a very sad and unfortunate thing because the device makes messaging very simple as it comes endowed with components that are impressive. There are signature features making it a very compatible handset for many users.

The carrier has confirmed that it will not be receiving extra shipments of the phone. The final shipment of the Motorola Droid 4 is scheduled for the month of February and this means there is still some time for you to change minds and go in for the Motorola Droid phone as your handset.

The device got its official status when it was added to the Android lineup of Verizon. This handset had to wait for another month before it could make its debut on the shelves of the carrier. If you take a look at the Motorola Droid 4 you will find it is empowered by a Texas Instrument OMAP4430 chipset that brings into play a dual core 1.2 GHZ ARM Cortex A9 processor with a full gigabyte of RAM. This storage space on the handset comes with a 16GB microSD slot in its chassis that enables the mobile user to get extra storage on the handset.

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