Motorola Hero- Sanjay Jha

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Sanjay Jha appeared in Motorola from the Qualcomm in 2008, right on the time to save the company from the failures. The main problems of the company were that the company had too many softwares, problems with the product delays and was running short on the variety of the devices.

The last two years were quite successful for the company due to the fact that it not only escaped the chance to face the closure or termination but also was able to have some kind of profits and market share increase.

The first step for the company was the cooperation with Google in the meaning of the Android operating system usage which made an emphasis on the smartphones of the company. As for the next steps the CEO of the company believes in the future success of the company.

” I had come to the view that smart phones were going to be very important. The first thing we did was rationalize the platforms, reduce from, I don’t know, six software platforms to one, and choose that platform to be a smart-phone-centric platform, a mobile-Internet-centric platform. There was a big transition going on in the industry (to smart phones), and I think it was clear that Motorola was missing that transition, and my job was to make that transition as fast as I could. That was job number one when I arrived. We were working on too many platforms and were not focused on the right market trends” says Sanjay Jha.

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